The Din of Abandon

Adventure Log
A blog for your experiences

Journals of the Adventurers:

Aredhel’s Journal, Digby’s Journal, Rave’s Journal, Vilya’s Journal, Xiamara’s Journal, Donnamira’s Journal, Serea’s Journal

Letters Sent and Received:

Aredhel’s Mail, Digby’s Mail, Rave’s Mail, Vilya’s Mail, Xiamara’s Mail, Donnamira’s Mail, Serea’s Mail

Brief Discription of Events:

Game One:

A mysterious child visits you at night and beckons you to the Great Dryad Forest. At a clearing he combines with other children, and recites a poem. After he is done the ground falls away, and everyone falls into a great stone chamber. You are all attacked by rats that inhabit the area. (175 EXP GAINED)

Game Two:

The motely party creeps around the dark, dank rooms of the building constructed under the ground made of the living mountain’s rock. They are again attacked by many rats, and fight valliantly on! Eventually the crew makes it up to what appears to be the second level of the building, and discovers a large ba relief mural, and weapons. CONGRATULATIONS FOR REACHING LEVEL TWO!!(250 EXP GAINED (425 TOTAL))

Game Three:

Still within the strange confines of the mysterious building, the party searches on for more clues concerning where they are, and why they might be there. After an intense battle against fierce ghosts, and a puzzling riddle, the group manages to exit what happens to be a temple to the goddess Avandra. When they reenter Palhame, they manage to stir up a bit of trouble in town! (600 EXP GAINED (1025 TOTAL))

Game Four:

[meet baba chava “willhelmina” “witch”] (755 EXP GAINED (1780 TOTAL))

Game Five:

[fight Walther? re-enter temple] (470 EXP GAINED (2250 TOTAL))

Game Six:



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