Digby's Journal

Entry 1

I arrived in Pelhame a number of days ago. Miserable town. Streets are muddy, food is bad, and the beer is worse. Only church belongs to Ioun, but the place reeks of Avandra. You can smell it everywhere. People coming and going from all corners of the continent seem to be found here and it’s caught Her attention. Druids and elves and nature and life and living and books and knowledge.

To add to my troubles, the latest message I received was more urgent than the last. The auguries are not boding well for us, and my masters perceive that my time to act is limited. Why I was chosen for this task remains to me a mystery, but it has been very clear to me that failure is not an option. Well tomorrow, I shall begin my investigation in earnest.

Entry 2

I knew I was right about Avandra, but now to what extent? I have fallen in with fools and mischiefs. A halfling who is twice as loud as she is tall. A guard as thick as a post. A druid. All worshipers of Avandra no less. Furthermore, one of the clerics also happens to be a follower of Ioun. I must tread carefully.

Worse yet, the halfing and the fighter have taken a keen interest in my personal affairs. They misread my intentions regarding a harlot, and through their idealism inadvertently saved her life. She will be unhappy with me unless I do something quickly. But how with this pair around? Let alone the Iounist.

There is some good news though. I have heard of a witch in town, and I will make it my business to visit her on the morrow.

Entry 3

I have come up with a plan to solve the problem! Avandra has claimed the woods, but She will claim the city. How to get the fools to follow my plan though? The Iounists will be a problem, and will have to dealt with in time, but I can be patient.

Now the fighter and the thief may prove to be more useful than I first imagined. If only I could teach that fighter to act!

Regarding my mission, we have almost finished translating a tome, and I believe it holds the key to the riddle of Avandra. Whether it is relevant to the Prophecies is doubtful, but what other leads do I have? Maybe if I deface the temple and warp it to Her will…

No matter. We shall see.

Digby's Journal

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