Donnamira's Journal

20091010 Locale: Cave outside (CITY NAME?! WHERE AM I?!)

Witnesses: Crotchety old human male: Cleric?, Tiefling Female: Cleric?, Human Female: MILITARY, Half-elf female: well, I’m not sure what she is, but whatever she is, she’s rather on it about her god(ess), Female type shifter thing: Druid (well, she must be because she was a cat the last time I saw; quite confusing, really), Self.

Well, the only thing I had going for me this time was I didn’t get caught in another traveller’s bag. Oh, no. I went WILLINGLY this time into some mess I’m sure is bound to land me square in court again. I was taking my rest in some abandoned homes when this spectral child came upon me AS I WAS SLEEPING and beckoned that I should follow. Who am I to refuse an open-ended journey with destination unknown and outcome uncertain?! Well, I’m not that person refusing, I’ll tell you that much, booky book. Grabbing my sack and, as it turns out, leaving my journal, I followed the phantom apparition to a damp and dark wood, where I see FIVE OTHER ghostly children right before they merge with my own in front of me. Now, booky book, you know I can’t see very well in the dark. I could only see the now somewhat more solid silvery child in front of me, without any clue that there were other peoples in the wood with me. The child said some rhythmicky rhyme, and poof! Gone!

Great, I think, how am I going to get back to find a place to bunk tonight? No, no! No worries, says great mother Avandra, for CRASH! The ground caves in under me and my more substantial companions and we all fall butt-first into a … well… a cave. The ground caved into a cave. Well, isn’t that something? Okay, okay, booky book time. By this point my eyes are well and dia… dia… well I can see in the dark by then and I see EEEK RATS! I’ve seen plenty of rats in my time but these were EVIL DEMON RATS. So I started trying to stabbity stab one of them near me before I could think. Wouldn’t you know it, my companions in this caved-in-cave start attacking the rats as well! Eesh, guys! They’re just rats! The crotchety old-man cleric thingymabobber happened to nearly slay the rat in front of me, which, as it turns out, is the biggest gosh-darned rat out of all of them. He’s not very nice though, he tends to cling more or less to the human in uniform. Spe.. Specist. That’s what he called himself. He’s gotta learn to live with other kinds of folk! Anyway, where was I?

RATS. Rats in the main room, rats in the rooms nearby, rats everywhere. I don’t know why these folk are so keen on killing rats, but they sure are. Maybe they’ve got disease! I think the human-female was infected. Maybe the old man, as well, but he generally foams at the mouth anyhow. Poor human-female. I hope she doesn’t recognise me from the market. I had to take some bread late last night since I’d not eaten in a few days. She seems nice, anyhow, and I’m pretty sure I can tell she doesn’t like being in a subordinate position. I can’t blame her! I don’t like it either!

Note to self: determine who has the largest pack with the fewest pointy-things inside of it in the event that we have to camp in this caved in cave over another night.

20091017 – Cave Ruins/Pretty Room

Witnesses: Rave (Military Human Lady), Digby (Old man… old naked man), Druid Elf lady?, Tiefling Cleric lady, Half-elf … invokerson.

Oh, dear, booky book. What a day, I’m very tired! After sleeping in the human lady’s bag (risky move on my part, but she was nice and offered it to me after all! Good work on my part befriending the law enforcement!) my now-companions decided it’d be a great time to bust down the other two doors! Well, beforehand someone was smart enough to say we should take a look around… and I tried… but since I’m somewhat small you see, I decided that I could climb one of them to see better. Much to my surprise, Mr. Specist Bunnybane volunteers! I was so sure I’d crush him in the process, but from whatever will I suppose he mustered I managed to get on his shoulders and see the room was devoid of things to take. I didn’t realize he.. er.. must have forgotten to bring his sack with him? Evidently Mr. Specist Cleric Bunnybane also was awoken by the ghostchild whilst sleeping in the buff. Hmm. Aaaawkward! I’m only about mid-waist tall on him!

SO I guess I should have figured out that there would be more rats inside those rooms … but I didn’t. Guess what, bookybook?! Oh, yes! More rats. And this time, still upon Digby, I managed to stomp some Rat patootey. The Druid lady managed to tell us some interesting stuffs about these rats; they are actually beloved by… some deity… Tur… Turog? Something like that. But they’re evil demon rats! I knew those rats weren’t kosher! I just hope that Sir Mr. Turog doesn’t come back for some rat-vengeance. I like to make my getaways without incurring the wrath of an evil Rat-God if at all possible, y’know.

I am really starting to feel bad for the human-lady Rave. She always winds up as the door-buster, or the rat-bait. So it was with the next and final door in this stone place. Hopped down off Mr. BunnyBane Digby and helped with three MORE rats. I actually managed to do this pretty cool thing where I jumped on top of one of them… and then snuck behind him and attacked him! It was wholly amazing. Eeesh, though, all those rats were getting kind of ridiculous. At this point, no more rats left in sight, I couldn’t help but loan Mr. Digby one of my rat-tails (I only have two left!) so he could… er… fashion a loincloth of sorts for himself. Rave was starting to lose her patience with his nekkidness, and, really, it’s for the good of all of us. He also seems to have collected some rat-skulls in our downtime… some follower of Bahamut. I know he’s lying, but I don’t know who he actually follows… or his real intentions… it’s making me crazy!

Woah… got distracted again. So after taking another nice nap in Rave’s spacious (albeit pointy) inner bag, we ventured up the stairs that poor Halfelven Aredhel wanted to follow in the first place. She sure was quiet this time, though, as if she were in some other place. Mentally, of course. Anyhow! We went up the stairs! New room, eeexcellent. Somewhere I’m sure there’ll be … something other than rats? Aaand, what do you know? It’s a nice room filled with nice sculpture (firmly fixed to the walls, unfortunately) and STUFF (firmly NOT fixed to the walls)! After stomping in the water (It reminded me of the oases near the flats. Don’t judge me, booky-book.) I inventoried it:

1 Staff
1 Scimitar
1 Dagger
1 One-handed Mace (the clubby kind… not the canned kind)
1 Totem
1 Axe

For some reason Digby (I think I’m growing on him… victory!) renounced his claim to one of the treasures, so I took both the nice dagger and the mace! Maces aren’t really my style, you see… but it was in such a nice and shiny light, it begged to be taken! That left the Staff for Aredhel, the Axe for Rave (AND MY AXE!!! I wonder where that phrase came from), the Totem for… Druid lady, and the Scimitar for the Tiefling (eeep.. she already has horns! Now she has a sword, too! EEK!). Positive progress! Now so far I’ve added 2(once 3) rat tails to my collection, a nice Dagger, and an equally nice Mace! Also: I feel slightly… newer, somehow. As if I’ve become better somehow at sneaky-sneaking because of this rat-tirade? Nah, I doubt it. I still think thanks might be in order to that spectral kiddo I saw last night. Too bad he looked so sad.

Note to self: THINGS TO FIND OUT

Digby – Halflings not so bad anymore? WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?!
Rave – For someone who seems kind of suspicious of me (she sure does give me a lot of looks) why did she let me sleep in her sack?
Others – languages spoken, family status, life stories. Who are these people, and why did Avandra see to bestow an adventure upon all of us?
Room – Anything else not tied down? DON’T FORGET TO LOOK THIS TIME! And try to figure out which staircase will lead to the better adventure. That is, the adventure that will give me the advantage! Mua-a-a-a-aaaa! Tee hee.

Also – try to find soft rat-pelt to use as a shield from Rave’s pointythings. Hopefully one that doesn’t smell like Digby. I don’t think he knows he smells.

20091107 Location: Er…

Booky Book! I found you! I was so worried! You know, you really shouldn’t hide in the bottom of my bag like that. Goooood night I’ve had a hard time since I last wrote. We made it back to town! In the top level of the dungeon thingy … oh, bookybook, I tell you, it was scary. Skeletons and bones in these side room thingies. And nothing to take… except for the bones. There were these small bones on a dais. I tried really really hard not to touch them, and I actually succeeded! Digby, however, did not. Really, Digby, really? And then GHOSTS came out. I sure didn’t think we were going to make it out of there! Once they were gone… again with it Digby?! He has to … well… I know he insulted someone! And again with the ghosts. Oye! I reverted back to my parents’ ways and cried for Avandra. Much to my surprise a stone door opens! Heh heh. Neener neener! I win!

Oh yeah, the ghosts said some stuff. “They are not worthy of her gift” and “They will remain and linger, a parody of her grace”. The SECOND time it was “You should know of all the children unless she never raised you” and… maybe the other one said something too. I think it just hissed. They liked hissing. There was also stuff on the dias: “Freedom is given to me, as all, the kindest gift of my dear mother,” Go figure!

We went to town! AND I GOT A LETTER FROM THAKLUSH! I was so excited I think the others noticed. Lucky for me they can’t read giant. Wait, wait… no, first we went running around the town. DIGBY TRIED TO HIRE A PROSTITUTE! And she pinched my cheeks. Let me write that again one more time so it’s clear: she pinched my cheeks. I can’t believe that! I rode on his shoulders! What a dirty old man! (Thank Avandra who-ever he’s finally clothed) Luckily Rave and I managed to stop him. I absolutely can’t stand that! I bet that Ophelia probably doesn’t even have any other… er… skills. You know what, I would have helped her out, but she pinched my cheeks. Scratch that. Plus, I think Rave wants to kill her.

While I’m talking about Rave, poor Rave lost her job! While she was a guard and all, and I probably shouldn’t like that too much, I still feel bad for her! After all that madness (and a bar fight… yes!) Rave stayed at my “place” since she couldn’t stay at the barracks. Awkward.

Yeah… Ophelia pinched my cheeks. I’m a grown-ass halfling, lady!

Oh heeey, though! I got to ‘acquire’ some stuff. Aredhel got hit on by this merchant-man, and he had a niice wagon. Later, Digby and I managed to escape some guards and steal two “love potions” and a shiny necklace thingy. Dang, I’m stealthy! Unfortunately, later I had an epiphany that embarrassed Rave and Digby and myself… there’s no such thing as a love potion. Guess it must have been that Avandra again, all in my brains! I have no problem with that, I probably need some help with that sometimes I guess. Oops. At least I still have this shiny thing! The human man we were potion-ing was rather easy on the eyes, though. I hates thinking we missed the opportunity to get that gold back. Awww.

  • Digby’s a no goodnik
  • Rave won’t let me steal if she watches (boo)
  • Looking for jobs sucks.
  • Everything else I forgot. Eeesh! Remind self to be nicer to booky-book’s motherboard.

I wonder what Thaklush is doing now that he’s out. I can’t think about it now. We’ve talked to the crazy witch lady (with some very very nice fudge, too) and it seems we need to go back to the Avandra place. All of us. Oh, I hope we don’t see any bunnies on the way.

Donnamira's Journal

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