Donnamira's Mail

20091018 – (written on tear-stained paper, stuffed in sack)

(not written in Common)

Dearest Thaklush,

I still deeply regret leaving you as I did all that time ago; I’m sorry, I can’t deny the feel of my Avandra guiding me to my next challenge. You may not understand, but that feel is what convinced me it was time for me to leave. Maybe I can explain some day under better, more personal circumstances.

I write because my current traveling companions (indeed, my first traveling companions since my first journey long ago) remind me of our time together. I travel with a motley crew of elves, humans, and even a tiefling! Three are of the religious trade, one seems to be of military affiliation (another reminder of you, I have to admit) and the rest I’m not sure of. I don’t know why, but I imagine I’ll have the opportunity to come across some great challenges in this next phase of my life’s adventure. I only hope that through bringing these unlikely compatriots together that I can make up the wrong I’ve done to you and those you watch. It’s not going to be an easy task, but already I’ve convinced a self-described “Specist” (I think that means he doesn’t like anyone but of his own kind) that other beings aren’t so terrible after all. He even let me on his shoulders so I could see! Alas, yet another reminder, another reason to write. As for another human… well, I hope we can relate soon. She’s let me sleep in her pointy sack once already… I digress.

I’ll thank you for the lessons we learned together some how. With a bit of luck, you might hear from me again.

Ever, Mira



r u you ok? (Are you ok?) i miss u. (I miss you) i got out of jail. (I have gotten out of jail) want two have a visit sometime? (Want to come visit me sometime soon?) i have a place you can stay for a while. (I have a place where you can stay for a while) home two hear from you soon. (I hope to hear from you soon)

ur frend, Thaklush

Donnamira's Mail

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