Rave's Mail

October 10th (game 1) (Within her pack, waiting to be sent)

Dear Mother and Father,

Training in the academy is becoming increasingly difficult. As you might be able to tell by the condition of the paper my letter is written on we are working on spells which effect water and moisture. I do miss home, though there are many things which endear me to this place. My time is short, though, so I must finish this letter soon.

I miss you dearly,

Rave Claddeth

Dearest Rave,

Your Father and I are very proud of you, and we wish to visit you sometime during our trip. Though, I do suspect that your father will insist that business is taken care of before pleasureable trips- you know how he can be. Always working! I know that you have that very same ethic in you, dear, I hope that you might forgive him though. We do wish to see our dear daughter! Your old school friends have been doing well, and one is nearly wedded! I daresay it’s a terrible match for her, but she seems terribly happy. I don’t believe she knows that you’ve gone off to one of the most illustrious schools for arcane mastery. We both miss your dearly too, sweetheart.


Rave's Mail

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