Xiamara's Journal

17 October

I find myself traveling in a party of unknown beings. It has been a few days and I still do not know much about anyone. We have had no time for proper introductions. This entire state of affairs has been quite troubling what with the being startled out of my meditative trance by the small ethereal child and the dreadful rodents. We’ve been dealing with the rodents for two days now. I am forced to endure these beings until the situation becomes clear.

I have absolutely no use for the human male Cleric and he clearly has no use for clothing. Why, even the halfling wears better clothing than he! If perhaps we were in the forest I should think that I would be able to fashion him some pants. The remaining companions however, for I must call them that, seem generally to be competent and we seem to have watched each others backs.

The room that we found ourselves in distressed me. I did not like the opressive walls, I much prefer the woodlands. Any woodlands are better than those stone walls. It muffled the steady thrum of Avandra. Now that I ponder on it, the poor half-elf cleric seemed to be having some sort of issue with her powers. Might it be that she too was affected by the surroundings?

The room we now find ourselves in is hardly any better than the last. But we will rest here. I will keep a keen eye upon my companions as they sleep lest anything untoward happen. Of course, I would not be opposed if a spare pare of breeches fell out of the sky for the clothing challenged among us.

Avandra keep us.

Xiamara's Journal

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